Feather: hey hey i found the downlad link to fnaf 2 i hear its so scary that it made the reveiwers cry

Coral: oh if it made them cry then it must be scary but how is it good to the first one

Jewel: well what i heard is that this one has no doors and like some new designs

Feather: well i got a USB with me and we can go and download the game just as long as we make a file first or it won't work

Jewel: ok

Coral: oki

Feather: so any one of you know how to create a file

Coral: click on computer then on the left hand side of the bar there is a box that says create file

Feather: ok so i clcked it then?

Jewel: highlight the name and type in what you want to call it

Feather: done ok copying the link

  • hours of waiting*

Coral: ok night 1

Jewel: omg they look creepy wait does THE BUNNIE DOES  NOT HAVE A FACE?!

Coral: at least the bunnie doesn't look like the chicken ! she looks like someone split her beak in half

Feather: oh god ones going trough the vent what do i do guys I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO


Jewel: wait look *points at thing that says music box*

Feather: and just how will clicking this help man should we look up cheats on how to do this or maybe a manual

Jewel: no its not a challenge if we take the easy way out and don't worry im sure nothing will

  • jumpscare*

all 3: AHHH



Coral: *foam in mouth*

Jewel: lets downlaod this game you said, it won't be scary you said WELL IT WAS THE TOTAL OPPOSITE

Feather: well since your an expert on tech WHY DON'T YOU GLADLY SHOW US HOW TO BEAT NIGHT ONE SMARTY

Jewel: ok let's see who decided to game you and who aked us to join you so this is all on you missy

Feather: -sighs-get out

Jewel: exuse me

Feather: *pushes jewel to door* yes i said get out cause i bet you can't even play this game in the dark alone with the windows and doors shut cause im not going to put up with this stupidity

Coral: * sees jewel get steamed up* you just had to get her started feather

Jewel: you know what it's fine i bet you can't even find them

Feather: you expect me to find a robotic bear,chicken bunny and fox sure maybe after you have gone delusional

Coral: actually i think you can, remember when dot made that portal to venus

Jewel: yes?

Coral: well i was thinking what if we ask her to use it on this pc

Feather: i have my doubts that dot would consider letting us use her machines

Coral: ok me and jewel will go ask her and you can continue the game alone

Feather: lets go

  • at dots garage*

Dot: tell me again why you want my portal machine i mean im happy to lend it but your idea seems um well how do i say this...stupid

Feather: i told you guys but does anyone listin nu uh

  • In the horror game*

Chica: why can't i move

Freddy: did you not see the giant pause on the screen

Chica: oh well then...GET ME OUT OF THIS DEATHTRAP

Trinket: siis im redy for school.. sis? are you home... is anyone home * looks at screen* a chicken i want to pet it * bangs pc*

Bonnie: what the

Jewel: oh no

Feather: what

Jewel: i think i left my sister at home.. and forgot to drop her off at school.. again

Coral: how can you be so irresponsible

Jewel: at least i clean my home yours look likes a whale threw up his lunch

Dot:... do you still want this portal machine?

Feather: il give it back sooner or later

  • at home*

Jewel: trinket im sorry i forgot to drop you off.. wait where is she

Feather: she wrote that miss bea came to get her so not to worry

Jewel: ah ok as long as she comes home safely

Coral: so are we gonna try this thing out or not

Feather: we plug this in uhh.. anyone know how to work these things or did it come with insructions

Jewel: oh for crying out loud let me see * few hours later *