Tippy:omg this is da worst day of my life

Jewel:what happend tippy your dress is all muddy

Tippy: well i was washing my swan when she jumped out of the bath and got me all dirty ; (

Feather: hey guys.. whoah what exploded on your dress Tippy ? or just happend

Tippy: my swan got me like this and plus i have a dance ricital tonight what will the others say

Cake: Tippy i heard what happend and got a new dress for you here

Tippy: thank you so much cake i really needed a new dress

Tippy: ugh hey guys lets go scraps is coming she is ugly

Scraps: hey guys what happend

Jewel: go away scraps we dont want you here go somewher for freaks like you hahahahaha

Scraps: waahh why doesnt anyone like me what am i to them. Maybe dollop can be my friend

Dollop:ok girls are we all here: bun bun-yes,fancy-yes,jelly-yes,toffee-yes,cake-with tippy,scoops-yes, and who oh yes choco is here

Scraps: hey are you guys baking nice

All: get out of here we dont want you shoo

Scraps:waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ah well maybe Ivory like me

Ivory:*whispers* id lke to play with u but im not allowed sorry 

Scraps: awww no one likes me im leaving