Scraps: hmm i wonder whts going to happen at school

Students: fight fight fight fight

Scraps:wth is going on who's fighting here ?

Mittens: pix.e and peppy are fighting cause peppy called pix.e flippy

Scraps:this is so random i mean why doesn't just i dont know apolagise or something ?

Mittens:i know right its so random today

Pix.e:my names not flippy poofy pom poms

Peppy:grrr im gonna beat u up till ur dead

Scraps:stop this fighting

Pix.e/Peppy:SHUT UP

Scraps:waaaaaaaaaaaaaah * runs to teachers office *

Snowy:sraps whats going on did someone pick on u

Scraps:no *sniff * pix.e and peppy are fighting

Snowy:what hang on im going over there now

Peppy:hahaha ur dumb pix.e flippy flutters


Pix.e: peppy was picking on me she kept calling me flippy

Snowy:peppy pom poms i am very dissapointed with u young lady

Scraps:plus u guys said shut up to me when i was trying to help

Pix.e:yeah yeah we get it

Peppy:im forming a group whos on team pom poms

Students:uhh we dont know

Pix.e:marina,swirly,spot,bea ur with me

Peppy:fine suzette,jewel,goldi,coral ur on my team

Scraps: cme on guys lets work this out

Peppy:* throws a book at scraps *

Scraps: K.O

?????:hello u ok