Bea: I'll give you a book so can you read?

Scraps: i can't read ^V^

Bea: >:( you have to read something scraps

Scraps: no can do :P

Bea: I'm going to suzette's place.

walks to suzette's place

Bea: hey suzette scraps can't read

Suzette: I'ts a good thing

closes door

Bea: I hope dot knows

goes to dot's place

Bea: hey dot scraps can't read

Dot: teach her reading lessons by the way you're a teacher

Bea: thanks dot

leaves dot's place and goes back to her place

Bea: hey scraps you're going to be taught reading lessons

Scraps: ok :(



Bea: hey scraps did you get all that?

Scraps: yeah bye

Bea: bye

by szereny