Person : long time ago in a doll factory there were 20 dolls that were plain and dull

Person 2 : yeah yeah get to the good part you idiot

Person : fine anyway one of the dolls got put on a table and net to it was a needle, 2 buttons and a scool uniform

Person 2 : oh and what they did was stich  them together, sewn on the buttons and suddenly...

Person :they came to life and began to talk

Person 2 : yeah im leaving now so peace

Dolls : what are we ?

Person lalaloopsy dolls

Dolls : umm our names please

Person : bea,peanut,jelly,bubble,mittens,ivory,forest,dotty,coral,mango,dollop,crumbs,jewel,tippy,scoops,snowy,sahara,fancy,


Dolls cool and what else

Person: i don't know

Marina: and that is how it began so any comments ?

Jewel : yes YOU ARE SUCH A BIG @$**$#.....

Mittens : hey thats too far jewel you should watch your mouth

Peanut : plus is that a nice thing to say near the little one ya think > : (

Dollop : yeah just because it sucks doesn't mean it's bad ok

Scoops : look i have to go back to the store jewel you are banned

Jewel : fine whatever oh and suzette i made out with your boyfriend


Mittens : this is bad real bad T _ T

Peanut : umm important message dont swear in front of littles

Littles : we herd a new word and want to say it pwease

Suzette : maybe not ok

Littles : ok

Everyone now what ?

Dyna : the end i think well whatever bye -_- ?

By danni vega