Ember: hey everyone and welcome to the anual lalalopsy blog war where dolls from around the world come to get popular and we have last weeks champian Suzette la sweet

Suzette:oh merci ember i am forward to ziz battle who am i versing ?

Ember: and you will be up against the one and only Jewel sparkle who well never got popular

Jewel: hey no one needs to know about that and beside i do the best diamond23 blog there is so ha > : )

Suzette: oh it is on, you think you can be more popular than mwa well we will zee about zat

Ember: and let the popularity BEGIN

Suzette: pix.e flutters helps out in ze comunitty gardien with blossom and do a great sucsess

Crowd: whoo hoo go suzette yeah

Jewel: oh yeah well misty wows people with a cool new trick that um is coolio

Crowd: .........................................

Ember : ohh looks like jewel is loosing votes this could be bad for her reputation


Suzette : what are you saying ?

Jewel : (sniff ) you always got more friends than me,you never invite me to one of your'e parties and you try to make me look bad (sniff ) why are you doing this ( crying )

Suzette : oh dear i am so sorry i never knew you felt that way i am so sorry can you ever forgive me

Jewel : yes bff

Suzette: no best lalaloopsy friends for life

Crowd: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Ember:well we have a winner jewel and suzette congradulations girls you won

Suzette/Jewel: hip hip horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

The end please comment your honest opinion bye <3