Dot: hey mango I'm gonna go to outer space

Mango: I'm going go there too >:(

Dot: ok T_T

in space

Dot: I'm going to the moon! :D

Mango: again?

Dot: yep

on the moon

Mango: i'm going to sleep

Dot: but you can't, I'ts hard

Mango: oww my back hurts

Dot: I'ts made out of cheese but where's the rocket?

Mango: what? oh that's just great dot now we're trapped like animals because of you!

Dot: no wait a second!

Mango: what is it?

Dot: we can float out of space!

Mango: how are we gonna do that?

Dot: you just put the helmet on (an invisible one) & then bend your knees & then you can float back to earth!

Mango: okay!


Mango: we're back to earth! :D

Dot: do you wanna look around?

Mango: no of course this is home

Dot: maybe you should look at some people

Mango: ok :,(

??????: hello!

Mango: ah!

tbc (to be continued)